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2022 economic and investment outlook


Redefining brands for a next-gen market


Culture, HR, and Recruitment: how to rebuild your workforce


Building Back Smarter - The Case for a Real-Time Customer Journey View


Can collabs work in hospitality? What can luxury retail collabs teach us about successful partnerships?


Meeting and event tech: how innovation is creating new revenue opportunities


Exploring the rise of luxury membership clubs and their impact on hospitality


Navigating the current global supply chain challenges


Diversity, equity & inclusion in luxury travel


ESG progress: is this our chance to reset?


The evolution of online marketing - exploring new ways to grow direct bookings


The role of wellness in the recovery and predictions for the future


F&B ROI - has the game changed post COVID?


Cryptocurrencies and hospitality - exploring the opportunities and managing the risks


Buying and selling - the dynamics of structuring deals.


Revenue management - best practices for increasing profits and creating value


Fast-tracked technology still relevant in the new world

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